Workshop at CEM Africa 2017 – The chief customer officer playbook – Executive Master-class

This master-class will give you as a leader an overview of what is required to lead customer experience transformation in a complex business environment.

The agenda will include:

1. Understanding how your customer experiences your brand today.
2. Creating alignment in the organization on the customer experience efforts.
3. Looking at customer experience maturity frameworks to assess where your organization is in terms of its maturity.
4. The process for defining your to-be state in terms of the experience you want to deliver.
5. The approach to delivering a customer experience transformation. What it takes and where to get help.
6. The business case for customer experience.
7. Skills and resources required for a CX transformation.
8. Tracking your efforts and continues improvement.

Join us for knowledge sharing and thought provoking discussions on what it takes to thrive as a Chief Customer Officer.

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