What is a customer experience transformation?

One of my favourite questions is, “Can you come and run a CX project for us?”

My problem with this question is that it is really asking whether you will be the fix-it person at whom they can throw things. It is also assuming that customer experience has a finite beginning and end and a defined scope – so you can put it into a project management paradigm and measure activities.

I am not slating project management. What I am saying is that becoming a customer-centric organisation does not only require the discipline and focus you have when managing a project, but also requires a systemic change that will touch every organisational silo in the way they make decisions, the way they communicate, the way they recruit new people.

Customer experience treated as a chocolate coating, will lead to failure and disappointment.

A CX transformation will require change across:

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • People practices
  • Processes and
  • Systems

Customer experience transformation requires time and focus and a team allocated to the various efforts.

Often, I have worked on CX efforts where the CX ‘project’ is a side project to a few people’s day jobs instead of it being their day job. You may argue that it’s better to rather do something and get part of the customer experience right than do nothing at all. I would argue that pushing from below up the hierarchy may have a short-term benefit, but I have seen CX professionals burn out and give up and quit after months and month of pushing spaghetti up the hill.

First aligning leadership around customer priorities until they get it, would help you in getting long-term results and the correct allocation of resources for these efforts.

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