The value of CX in emerging markets – Qaalfa Dibeehi from Forrester

Lets bust some myths!
• CX is a luxury
• Price is king
• CX is a tech issue

In the age of the customer there are 5 Areas to pay attention to:

1. Transform the customer experience
2. Accelerate digital business
3. Embrace mobile
4. Turn business insights into action (or otherwise called big data)
5. Create trust – driving business growth with privacy

Definition of CX

How customers perceive their interactions with your organization

This is what they perceive! Experience lives in the head of the customer…

Effectiveness – Does it work? Does it achieve my goal?
Ease – Simplicity
Emotion – Does it feel feaking good?

The opportunity is there to GRAB emotion as a differentiator….
Are we actually working on that? Not just in name….

Digital presents and interesting conundrum…. we risk moving away from being human….

Loyalty is not customers sticking with you because you have the best product. We want customers to be happy to stick with us, when we are in our down cycle… when we are not the cheapest, when we are not at our best…
When we are doing well, we should be investing in customer experience.

Revenue growth? Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it does not. When customers are trapped and you offer the same as the competition, you may not see the benefits.

CX pays off when you are differentiates. The opportunity to create loyalty! CX is the only way to get out of the down cycle.

When customers are widely exposed… Expectation levels go up. Unexposed customers may not have such high expectations. Economic circumstances may result in customers feeling trapped….

In mature markets, CX is beginning to mature. In emerging markets CX is just up and coming.

Customer Experience is only about 15-20 years old as a business concept click for more info.

We are now moving into the business of person-to-person. Human-to-human. Get more human – even if you are digital.

Why satisfied customers defect – Harvard Business Review.

The skill of story telling is essential.

• Discover
• Plan
• Act
• Optimize

Most companies start with act and optimize. Start with your discovery and really understand your customer’s experience.

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