The Millennial Employee in the workplace – Kelvin Kuria

We take the young people and put them as interns punching invoices and then after 6 months move to front of house.

We need to embrace the energy and passion of young people like a startup would.

Passion, impact and purpose. How excited are you about the job you are doing? Is it answering to your purpose?

Engagement – days are gone when a boss gave me instructions. What makes a good boss? If you have one person reporting to you, make sure that is the happiest person in the organisation.

Important to young people because the turnaround is high – double the amount of money and double the engagement.

Unilever consumers are spoiled for choice…. All consumer spoiled for choice.

People are more attracted to brands with purpose and sustainability. Providing a proper customer experience is not the only differentiator.

  • Uber – Taxi industry collapsed.
  • Airbnb – threatening hotels

What does disruption look like in your industry….

Which ones do you need to give attention to?

  • Sensitivity of price
  • Businesses becoming more difficult to run as a result of undercutting
  • Have to provide more meaning & purpose…

So What to do…

  • Break down the offices
  • Boss is a word we call you when we respect you not because we report to you
  • If I didn’t help create the brand, I don’t want it. Polite companies….Be as personable as possible.
  • If the brand is not helping my society, I am not interested

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