The drivers of customer loyalty

Loyalty has various dimensions to it that I would like to explore in more detail.

Attitudinal Loyalty

This refers to my attitude towards a brand. What I say about the brand may be positive and how I relate to the brand may be positive, but whether my behaviour is aligned with my attitude is not necessarily guaranteed.

Behavioural Loyalty

This refers to my actual behaviour towards the brand. I buy the brand, consume the brand and might recommend the brand.

We very often get so fixated on measuring loyalty instead of really understanding what customers experience, what they do before they interact with your brand, and what they do after they’ve interacted with your brand. What they say about the problems your brand solves for them is as important as what they actually do. Watching the loyalty scores and seeing them move can keep you on the hamster wheel of chasing scores instead of focusing on real customer growth-oriented transformation. Voice-of-customer score fixation is like the cocaine of the customer experience world – you get addicted to it quickly and struggle to give it up.

Leadership Questions to ponder on:

Why are your customers are loyal today?

What would make them stick with you tomorrow?

What is their behaviour towards your brand? (do not only listen to what they say about your brand) ?

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