The 5 reasons I love being a consultant

I have been a business consultant for 15 years and have worked for my own brand for the last 5 years. This is what I love about it.

I can be a 100% honest and clients pay me for that.

I am like your best friend who tells you that there is spinach stuck in your teeth without causing shame, blame or embarrassment. I share these honest bits about your business with you for one reason and one reason only. To empower you to make better decisions and let your business grow. If you don’t like this approach, fire me and I will take my honesty somewhere else.

I don’t get sucked up into the drama and politics.

Every environment has drama and politics and as a consultant who really wants the best for my client and his clients, I steer clear of the lure of being the rescuer that will make all this go away. As a consultant sometimes, one does have expert skills that may be considered by some as superpowers but steer clear from becoming the political shield or the peacemaker. A colleague of mine so aptly said “Not my circus, not my monkeys”.

I use every opportunity to show courage and compassion.

When looking at business strategy, and the trust the clients have put in me, I get to present them with the flaws and the gaps in their business and how to close those gaps and take the business to a different level. This requires trust between us for the message to land in a compassionate way, but it also takes courage (and zero arrogance) to be truthful but kind about a business that may lack leadership or the correct structure.

I have confidence, not arrogance.

Unlike an employee, I don’t have to prove anything. The fact that a client hires me and continues to do so is proof that I add value and as soon as I stop providing value, I will know. I don’t need performance appraisals to tell me, I am doing great work. I know, because I do it for all my clients and I benchmark myself against the larger consultancies. Clients wait for months for me to have the capacity to assist them with a process improvement or a new value proposition or a strategy. This tells me they have faith in my abilities and are willing to wait to get the advice I am able to give.

I show up and be me – I am 100% authentic.

Maybe this is a little-exaggerated part of my brand, but dropping f-bombs in meetings (when appropriate) and showing up in bright pink doc martens has become the first sign of the fact that “I care deeply about a few things” but the way you feel about the way I dress is not something I don’t care about. How you treat your employees and your customers, that I care about deeply and I will do everything in my power to coach, mentor and advise you to focus your obsession on the people who serve you as brand warriors and the people who buy from you so your business can thrive.

This is the principles I apply to facilitating your new strategy, developing your new value proposition. Defining your customer experience strategy. Designing each customer journey for delight and implementing each artefact, process and systems change meticulously.

There is freedom in doing your best without playing by the “assumed” rules of captivity.

I do all of this because I am proud to be the brand of me serving the brand of you!

About Chantel

Chantel Botha is a brand and business innovator who obsesses over how customers connect with brands. She finds meaning in designing engaging customer experiences that create value for brands and their patrons.

Chantel guides brands on how to design their distinctive tone and emotions they want to evoke in spoken, written and digital communication. She helps both corporations and people find their purpose. She loves solving lots of small problems that make a big difference.

Her aim every day is to combine her skills and experience to grow her client’s businesses through showing them how to solve problems for their customers.

Chantel Botha obtained a degree in business economics and computer science.

She writes for various publications and speaks at conferences around the globe. She transforms people through experiential education programmes and personal coaching. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of BrandLove.

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