If your team cannot afford to take days out of the office for a breakaway session to discuss your vision and strategy, but they have a desperate need to have the conversations, we have a solution for you. We crafted STRATEGY IN A BOX where we design a 1-day intervention for your team to craft their 2018 strategy. This is best suited to a team of 6-12 people and delivers a concrete plan within a day.

What we do:

We have more than 10 years experience in management consulting and facilitation of strategy sessions. We guide our clients to focus on their business objectives and craft pragmatic plans that will achieve business results.

How we do it:

We will ask you to bring your thinking and designing hats and to ignite each other’s thinking. Irrespective of how mature you are in your business design or thinking, this workshop will give you a space to think, co-create and align and make agreements of how to get to your goals.

Our tools & Methods:

  • Lego Serious Play
  • The thinking environment
  • Active Listening

Typical Deliverables:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Summary of agreements and team design

Cost of Sessions:

Depending on time allocation and the number of people and number of facilitators 1-day facilitation of generic sessions start at R30,000 without any custom design.

We have a fully equipped innovation room available in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town where we can accommodate your team of up to 12 people for team building sessions.

Email us at hello@brandlove.co.za to discuss your needs.