Rwanda Immigration Services Customer Experience Improvement

What they did….

  • Created a strong vision for 2020.
  • Create measurement at various levels
  • Online applications
  • Social Media (Twitter & Facebook)
  • “Do simple things that make a difference!”
  • Happy birthday to guests when they come through immigration.


  • Reduced number of days.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Grow tourism.
  • Attitude of people working for the department.
  • Electronic means eradicated corruption.
  • Staff recognition & motivation


  • African passports
  • E-passports
  • Self-service center
  • Enhanced electronic border management
  • Integrated systems

How keep service delivery consistent?

  • Messages given on Social Media.
  • Empower staff – they are not robots….
  • Gratitude to staff. Encourage them.
  • Measure and use public surveys. Share positive & negative comments.
  • Make others important!
  • Allow people to make mistakes.

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