Deliver purposeful CX through authentic and designed brand experiences – Craig Lee (Previously with Emirates Group)

Showing some stats about CX

Customer Experience as a discipline

Also talk about Brand love

Customer Experience leaders outperform by 43%

Get your outside messaging and your inside message aligned. We often first design our brand and then figure out how to deliver it.

It is the fluffy stuff that the training department does. Those branded experienced deliver value to your brand.

What is the brand culture and behavior in every interaction is has with any employee in the company. Each of these bring emotion back into the experience.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Insights from the Emirates Journey

  • How you think
  • What is valued
  • Context empowers
  • Leverage the Brand
  • Listen. Connect. Respond.

Customer Experience DNA

  • A perfect product
  • Delivered by caring people
  • In a timely fashion
  • Supported by effective customer resolution processes

Customers want consistency of experience.

Wow your customers with a response that they did not expect when they have a problem.

Customers become advocated at a time when they least expect it!

How do you alight a 147 different nationalities. Alight ideas and thought.

The way the customer views their journey.

What does confidence sounds like in your call centre – what does it look like

We spent a lot of time behind the scenes…

The people behind the bar become the eyes and the ears of the brand.

99.9% of digital ads remain unclicked.

We talk about how we love customers. And what about me?

We have to deliver to those customers.

Customer experience a competence that need to be built across the organization.

Make your customer’s dreams come true!

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