Fundamentals of Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching

This is about working with the relationships and the whole system (partnership, team, organisation or market) as a leader, coach, facilitator or consultant. “ORSC” stands for Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching. The programme is designed for intermediate level entry – participants should have already done some facilitation, coaching and/or coach training, or be experienced in management, HR/OD/change management or relevant health professional work.

The training is fully ICF accredited and operates at three levels: Fundamentals, Advanced Series and Certification. Each one builds on the previous course, and is supported by pre-course and post-course sessions to help you maximise learning and apply it in your world. Here’s a quick summary of what people walk away with from the Fundamentals two day interactive training workshop in Cape Town on 16 and 17 November:

  1. A really powerful model for listening to the voice of the system, including all voices and responding constructively to conflict. This fundamentally supports working with teams, partnerships and organisations as whole entities in support of collaboration, innovation and results.
  2. Practical skills you can use in leadership and coaching to build collaboration in diverse organisations and teams, starting the very next day, including:
  • How to design a team/partnership culture together and hold each other accountable for maintaining it
  • Taking teams and/or individuals from conflict to alignment based on discovering common interests
  • How to build positivity in teams under fire
  • What it takes to hear all voices in a team – even the quiet ones – including practical tools for quick snapshots of where the team is at
  • Learn about the four “team toxins” and their antidotes: the core knowledge and skills needed to redirect common corrosive communication styles such as sarcasm, stonewalling and defensiveness.
  1. 12 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) – counting towards an ICF credential, plus access to the extraordinary advanced ORSC Series in 2018.

Training overview at . Africa application examples including videos from Cape to Cairo at  .

You are welcome to learn more and register online at this link  – use coupon code BL17 to get 20% off if you book and pay before 4 October. Or contact Mish to discuss further.


Mish Middelmann 
Professional Certified Coach and ORSC sub-Saharan Africa partner


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