Below are the various services we provide to solve problems for our customers.


We are passionate about people transformation.

We love teaching people what we know in order for them to own the customer experience transformation.

We provide various ciustomer experience courses but also customize content based on your needs.

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BrandLove can present a custom workshop based on your company requirements.

Standard workshops include:

Customer Experience awareness workshops

Digital and Social Media awareness workshops for Executives

Customer Journey Mapping workshops

Voice of the Customer discovery workshops

Personal Branding workshops: how to package and market your own skills

Time management and productivity workshops

Leadership Coaching

BrandLove has been involved in advising executive teams on Customer Experience improvements, over the last ten years. For any new leader assuming the role of Chief Customer Officer, we offer one-on-one coaching to guide the Executive as they put together their first 90-day plan, supporting them as they get an understanding of the existing landscape and helping them craft a future roadmap based on this information.


BrandLove offers consulting on Customer Experience, as well as, Digital Strategy.


Chantel is a renowned conference speaker that has spoken at various South African and International Conferences over the last 20 years. She is available for conference keynotes, but requires booking at least six months in advance.


BrandLove prides themselves on making high quality content available to the global community of customer experience professionals. We also contribute to local and international online publications.