Customer Experience Professionals in Conversation – San Diego

I recently had the incredible pleasure to meet Jessica Noble. I reached out on LinkedIn and since we were both CCXP’s, I though this could make for interesting conversation.

Needless to say, it felt like we shared the same spirit animal and that the things we were both passionate about, just transcends continents and languages and that we both spoke the language of human love and connection.

I am so glad I reached out and made a friend on the other side of the world. My wish is that she comes and visits us in South Africa and I know adventure runs deep in her bones.

My take aways from our discussion:

  • Change come with commitment and dedication to the cause and a lot of hard work and courage.
  • Most leaders need to be reconnected with the customer in innovative ways – of which Jessica mentions a really nice . one in the video.
  • Support is available all over the world. Customer Experience professionals love helping each other and support each other in knowledge, advice and encouragement.

Here is the interview!



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