Transforming your organization to focus on both share of wallet and share of heart!

This session is aimed at Executives with the mandate of transforming the organization into a client centric organization through customer experience design and management. Whether you have only started the journey or have been on the journey for a while, this session will enable you to have clarity in terms of how successful companies worldwide have approached their customer experience efforts. You will have access to tried and tested methods of discovering what your current customer experience is, understanding what customer expectations are of your brand and how to start your transformation journey.

The workshop agenda will be as follows:

A personal view of your organization’s cx maturity through a questionnaire that will be distributed before the workshop and results only shared with you personally.

  • Why customer experience transformation will grow your business?
  • How customer centered innovation will drive differentiation
  • The drivers of customer loyalty (and what it mean for your business)
  • The business case for growing loyalty and providing frictionless experience
  • What is customer experience transformation?
  • The customer experience ecosystem
  • The impact of emotions on consumer behavior
  • Case studies of brands that have remarkable experiences
  • How do we lead this outside-in transformation?
  • The typical work streams in a transformation program and their outcomes
  • How to continuously measure that we are making progress

Personal one-on-one session with Chantel Botha by suitable appointment after the master class to discuss CX questions and gain advice on next steps in your transformation program.

Duration: 08h00 – 13h00