Customer Experience – a government priority for Rwanda! by Judith Kaizare

Customer Experience key factor for national transformation.

Service delivery one of the key factors. RGB mandated to regularly monitor service delivery and good governance principles.

Scientific approaches, surveys and research.

National Strategy for Transformation 1: 

“Enhance institutions for that they deliver better services”

  • Increase productivity and quality of services.
  • 2024 – 100% services delivered through online channels.
  • Increase citizens participation.

Save people time and effort. Reduce of costs and travel.

Very extensive measurements and scorecards used. Show the impact you are making on the livelihood of the people.

Current Campaign – Service others as you wish to be served yourself!

100% of Government services are delivered online!

Speed up development. Change the mindset of people.

RGS – Rwanda Government Score card – Quality service delivery 72.93%

How friendly are your rules to make sure your services are accessed in a friendly way?

Review policies and requirements of staff.

Create a spirit of goodwill that enhances attainment & tangible returns.

Good attitude towards clients, they will not run away from you.

Importance of CX:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Supportive of government programs
  • Citizen participation


  1. Limited service delivery culture
  2. Inadequate qualification, experience & professionalism
  3. Ineffective communication
  4. Limited use of technology in service delivery
  5. Weak coordination, monitoring & evaluation of services
  6. Enhance customer friendly regulations

Service charter on each department websites.

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