Authenticity cannot be engineered

We are hanging out at our favorite coffee shop on a Saturday morning. Its packed! I miss the days when it was half the size and the best kept secret in Boston but I am so happy for them.

We order coffee but the aeropress is not available because the owner is traveling with it. The passionate barista laughs and offers us something else that sounds better. Syphon coffee.. two cups each… We don’t mind. We don’t get angry.


Why did we not get pissed off?

1. It’s true … Pieter is traveling with the Aeropress. We want Pieter to have good coffee on his travels. We care and he cares deeply about coffee.

2. The barista, in the moment designed a different, what feels like a better experience for us.

3. Its an adventure because we are trying something we have not had before, and I can tell you, its good!

Corporates want to train this… include this in standard operating procedures, values posters on walls… and it does not work like that.

Lets just look at what happened here…

  • Barista loves coffee
  • Customers love coffee
  • Barista is proud and wants to make customers happy

Barista wants customers to come back

#boom recipe for amazing experiences!

Now lets go to some call centers…

  • Person on the phone hates their job
  • Customer hates phoning
  • Customer wants service
  • Person has stupid system, stupid rules and no purpose
  • Person gets paid peanuts and waits for a better opportunity

Sometimes the person gets stuck in there for a long time

#boom recipe for a sh*t experience!

We all choose and even if we don’t choose, we are still choosing!

Get people who love the sh*t you do to delight your customers! And if you cannot find those people, maybe its time you take a look at what you offer, just in case its about to become irrelevant!

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