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Customer Centred Design and Innovation

Customer experience improvement programs
Customer Journey mapping
Employee Experience
User Experience Design
Lego Robotics academy

Business Change Management

Leadership coaching
Client centric strategy facilitation
Brand innovation

People Growth and learning

Personal and professional development program – Brand Warrior
Internal brand culture program
Employee engagement
CCXP preparation coaching and mentoring program
Customer Journey Designer program
Leadership Masterclasses



Whether you are a customer experience virgin or veteran, we are here to support you.

We combine science, art and magic to create experiences your customers won’t ever want to forget.

We are a catalyst to the craft of uncompromising, bold experience design.

We are a modern-day rebellion against data without action.

Who we work with


If you are a leader who want to leave your mark by leading disruptive change and challenging the status quo, we want to work with you!

We transform your customer experience through a holistic approach of designing with your customers and employees. In this way, we gather the outside-in needs and ignite the inside-out buy-in and ownership of the experience at the same time.

This results in employees feeling proud of caring for customers and in return, customers care for the brand.




When you feel like you are no longer standing out from crowd or you are eager to future proof your brand through differentiation, we are here to help you.

We help you through designing innovative value propositions that solve pertinent problems for your customers.

We design the interactions with your brand to be human and warm while still solving customer’s problems.

We teach your brand ambassadors the skills to be able to solve problems with confidence and creativity while remaining operationally efficient.

We teach your leaders how to transform culture, processes and technology and lead people in an empowering manner to find their purpose and passion to deliver service with a smile.


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Ditch the mainstream and say hello to BrandLove.



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